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Quality & Affordable Transmission Repair in Stafford

Transmissions of Stafford’s mission is to provide vehicle owners with:
● the highest quality transmission services
● the most comprehensive warranty in the industry transmission repair in Stafford transmission repair in Richmond transmission repair in Fredericksburg
● outstanding customer service
● reasonable, affordable prices.
Our warranty is the best in the industry, period.
          ● 3 year/100,000 mile limited warranty on rebuilds.
          ● 3 year/unlimited miles (500,000) limited warranty
                         on re-manufactured.
          ● Certified used -  up to Unlimited time/mileage           warranties available. 
             Who does it better? NO ONE!

Products Used

All the parts we use to rebuild a transmission are “Made in the USA” (when available).


Rebuilding automatic transmissions – all years, makes, models, foreign & domestic


Diagnostics with the latest state of the art computer scanners


Manual (standard) transmissions, clutches, transfer cases and differentials.

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We service transmissions....automatics and manuals, domestics and foreign. We understand that when your vehicle is “out of commission”, your life can be turned upside down and the last thing you need is to be worried about the “nuts and bolts” of the repair. You want knowledgeable, competent people to get you in and out and on your way.

To help us accomplish that objective we’ve teamed up with a number of local shops to do our R&R work (Remove and Reinstall). We’ve done this for a several reasons:
          1. The shops we use have a Customer Satisfaction rating of 98%
          2. There are no surprises. When you work with the best, you get the best. Our shops have become great resources for our customer’s other automotive needs as well.
          3. Multiple shops give our customers an option to have their vehicle serviced at a location closer to their home or office
          4. It’s cost effective for us, saving you money.

When we take in your vehicle:
First we test drive it to assess any problems it’s having; check fluid level and color; check for leaks.
Next we scan the vehicle with our diagnostic computer and look for any fault codes (the reason your check engine or TCM light was on). If no codes are found, in most cases, it is a mechanical problem. If fault codes are found, the problem with the vehicle may not be the transmission at all but could be a system/computer/engine problem or a combination thereof allowing us to determine a course of action.
For mechanical problems – the transmission can be either rebuilt and brought back to factory specifications or a re-manufactured transmission may be an option.

If the transmission needs to be rebuilt we follow a strict 10 point quality rebuild process:
           1. The transmission is removed from your vehicle and dismantled piece by piece.
           2. The parts are put into a special washing machine to be cleaned and degreased.
           3. Each part is inspected and new replacement parts ordered.
                     New seals, gaskets, clutches are replaced along with new hard parts as needed. This can include steels, bands, drums and so forth.
           4. The valve body is inspected and cleaned, solenoids and electronics are checked and replaced as needed.
           5. A new torque converter is installed in every transmission.
           6. All transmissions are filled with a full synthetic fluid that meets or exceed manufacturer’s specs.
           7. Vehicle computer codes are cleared.
           8. Vehicle is test driven.
           9. Then returned to the lift to be inspected once again.
          10. Finally the vehicle is washed, vacuumed and ready to be returned to its owner with our warranty.

And our warranty is the best in the industry. We cover:
          a. 3 year/100,000 mile limited warranty on rebuilds.
          b. 3 year/unlimited miles (500,000) limited warranty on re-manufactured.
          c. Limited Lifetime warranty on parts.


How can you promise to beat your competitors by 25%?
1. We don’t mark our parts up 100% – 500%.
Example: The competion charges you $379 for a torque converter, it may cost them $79. We charge only $79, so right off the bat, one part and you saved $300. We all buy the parts from the same suppliers. 
2. Our labor rate, for remove and install as well as any other mechanical work is just $89 per hour. Hours are calculated using AllData and/or Mitchell, these are the nationally recogonized labor guides in the automotive trade. Again, fair and reasonable.

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How long does it take?
Normally our turnaround time is 3 -5 business days and you are back on the road. Sometimes it may take longer depending on the availability of parts and the complexeity of the transmission unit. 

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Why is your warranty so much better and longer than the competition?
We only use OEM spec or better parts. We only use USA made parts (when available) which, as we all know, are of a far superior quality to cheap imported parts. This costs us more, but that's good for American businesses and it allows us to offer a great warranty. Our master builder has been rebuilding transmissions for 35+ years.

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About Us

My wife and I moved to the Stafford area in 2008 relocating from the Western New York area. (Do you know the difference between a Yankee and a damn Yankee? A Yankee comes and visits….a damn Yankee comes and stays.) Was it because of the weather? Because we love traffic? 

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This is George. He is our "rescued" dog. He came to us in 2013. He is definately Mr. Personality

No….it’s because our five grandchildren live right down the road. When we moved, our granddaughter was 11 and there were four boys under 8. 

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After having a less than a pleasant experience with a national transmission chain (no name starting with an “A” mentioned), we decided we could do better and we do.

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We are members.

My phone number is 540-621-0632 which I answer 24/7, including holidays. If for some reason you get my voice mail it’s because I’m on the phone and I’ll be back to you in a matter of minutes. 

If you’re travelling through, we can have a quality towing service there in a matter of minutes, I’ll also get you safely to a local hotel/motel not far from the shop, we will do our best to make you feel comfortable and not feel like a stranger in a strange land. 

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We do one thing……Transmissions….. and we do them right. We don’t believe in “Cheap”, we do believe in fair and reasonable. I have never met a customer who wanted “Cheap”. Fair and reasonable YES….. “Cheap” NO.
Ron “RD” McPeek